The US Air Force Special Ops VR app and web platform gives users a firsthand experience of four tactical training missions including a high-energy rescue, HALO jump, zodiac drop, and infiltration procedure. Working alongside the director, David Estis, I scripted each mission by defining the UI and navigational language vital to these 360º films. Each script was written to capture the most intense moment of the missions while keeping in line with the tone of voice cultivated on the newly developed platform. 

• Gold Addy Award - Integrated Branded Content Campaign
• Silver Addy Award - Interactive Apps
• Bronze Addy Award - Online Film, Video, & Sound


Investigate the case and become a true alienist was a platform created for fans to join the investigation as the plot unraveled in each weekly episode.

From pitch phase to the series finale, I used conceptual devices to create a narrative that would bring fans even deeper into the world of The Alienist.

After previewing episodes and official scripts I wrote platform copy and conceptualized weekly interactive content including minigames relevant to the progress of the story.


Weber created an augmented reality barbecuing experience giving people the ability to control product features on their brand new electric grill: Pulse. In collaboration with the production team, I wrote the voiceover for this inspirational positioning video, speaking most directly to young European city-dwellers with limited access to grilling space. 


Scriptwriting and concept development for this GoPro Session Versatility TV spot entailed shaping a narrative that encompassed the POV camera's multifaceted durability. The spot begins with a cyclist tearing down rugged mountain trails; contrasting shots alternate between extreme sport and leisure activities as we race toward a serene, beachside bonfire.


NHTSA's Last Call is a 360º digital experience giving users the ability to play the pivotal role in a familiar narrative of a night out on the town. I mapped out user journey scripts and wrote each scenario for the two separate settings: a cocktail bar and a sports bar.  During the shoots, my scripts were used by the cast, crew, and director as dialogue cues and outlines for capturing the 360º photosphere scenes. I also worked alongside the talent (YouTube personality, "MatPat") to create his voiceover scripts which would welcome, guide, and entertain visitors throughout the experience.  


The American Express Pro Walk gave fans the opportunity to experience the 2016 US Open from a new perspective: as a pro making their debut, competing in the final match inside New York's legendary Arthur Ashe stadium. I helped form the experience narrative through it's physical user journey, from the mock player registration to the dramatic final match climax inside the 360º projection mapped dome. In the final stages of the journey, fans pass through a faithful recreation of an Arthur Ashe locker room and are given a pep-talk by life-size holograms of two famous tennis pros: Monica Seles and Pete Sampras. I scripted the motivational dialogue fans received from the tennis talents just before they entered the dome to face off against a live action opponent and serve the match-winning ace.

• Silver A-List Award
• Silver CLIO Sports Award
• Silver Stevie Winner - Brand Experience of the Year


I went to work on Heineken's "The Freelancer" to form real job vacancies, create four online minigames, and write inspirational copy for a short-term platform offering a once-in-a-lifetime freelance opportunity with the UEFA Champions League. Many soccer fans in Mexico are unable to keep up with the Champions League tournament in real-time because they're at work during the matches. The Freelancer gives these fans a chance to submit their resumé and try their hand at one of our four footy-related minigames mimicking the actual freelance jobs we created. After proving their skills, only the four most-qualified fans were selected for the jobs and sent to perform their duties in-person at one of the Champions League semi-final matches. 


Let your kids write a letter to Santa with the most magical pen ever created. I helped bring this animated experience to life through creative and expository copywriting. Alongside the production team, I created new game concepts and storylines, explained app functionalities, and wrote client-approved instructional copy for the in-game user experience.

• FWA MOTD Award


Welcome to Casa Modelo — a website built to celebrate the authenticity and fighting spirit of modern Mexican culture. I worked in tandem with the client to define exactly what this idea of "modern Mexican culture" means to them. To tell this story of Casa Modelo I helped write, organize, and structure their content by expanding on their current matrices and creating detailed content guides to pair with UX wireframes. 


I helped build the new, multi-targeted platform for Spectrum Reach — the global rebranding of the dynasty that connects us digitally: Time Warner Cable. From concept and copy to content and development, I worked alongside the client to organize and populate content matrices, helping them capture and maintain a unique tone of voice across the platform. 


As part of Twitter's "Be What’s Happening" campaign at the 2017 Cannes Lions Festival, I took on a client facing role to strategically populate content matrices that would tell stories about some of Twitter's most active brands. The interactive installation connected 12 HD screens with radarTOUCH technology,  displaying the brand stories for all of the French Riviera festival-goers to select and see.

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